Nandri broadens its outreach to help more survive the pandemic

India’s COVID19 cases continue to rise. The figure for infections to date stands at 78,810 and tragically there have been 2564 deaths.  Tamil Nadu state continues to be in the top three areas of infection.  Without a doubt the lockdown has very much reduced the number of deaths but not without a severe impact on the economy and the poor people of India.  On a positive note, India, among many countries, is in the crucial world wide race to develop a vaccine against COVID19.  There are now 10 potential vaccines being tested in India. The world anxiously waits for a vaccine to stop the spread of this virulent disease.

Lockdown in India continues till 17th May.  Following this, there will be a gradual loosening of the restrictions. In the meantime the effect on India’s economy has been devastating.  Indians are awaiting details of a relief package to help jump start the economy.  The government plans to spend 260 billion to help revive the severely impacted businesses but what about the poor? In the words of Rita Dewan, VIce President of Indian Society of Labour Economics:  “People are out of money, what about them? Where will they go?”  Our mothers, their families and the local community will depend on Nandri to help them survive.  

Nandri’s mission is to support our mothers and their families as well as the impoverished villages in the surrounding areas of Tamil Nadu throughout this crisis. Our support will be vital for the survival of our Nandri families and the broader community in the weeks and months to come.  Our work to help our poverty stricken community survive the financial damage of  COVID19 has just begun.  While continuing to support our mothers and their families, and local villages, we have again extended our outreach further into our local community, thanks to the much needed  financial aid received from our sponsors and supporters.

This week as part of our community expansion, we distributed rice to Narikuravar families and local unemployed drivers who lost their jobs during the pandemic.  We were introduced to a mother with six children, whose husband had recently died.  She has no income and no means of support for her and her children.  Nandri provided her with food and will continue to help her and her family survive. We also visited the village of Irungal and distributed much needed rice and financial aid to 23 families who were struggling to survive.  Nandri has been a lifeline to these families who have been severely impacted by the lockdown. 

India’s financial recovery from this crisis will be slow and the needs of our mothers and our local communities will be many.  Nandri will be the rock on which our families can depend and with your help we will do everything in our power to help them through these extremely difficult times.  A heartfelt Nandri to our donors for all your support. 

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Vital new financial aid arrives from Ireland

The number of cases of Corona Virus continues to rise in India. To date there are 53,000 cases of COVID19 and 1,787 deaths. In Tamil Nadu, where Nandri is situated, there are 5,000 confirmed cases. More than ever, our families need our help and support.

Due to the generosity of our donors, this week we sent a further 25,000 euros to Nandri to help our volunteers in Tamil Nadu continue to not only support our mothers but to expand aid to neighboring poverty stricken villages as well. The Dublin Lions Club also held a virtual Bingo Night in aid of Nandri. They managed to raise over 1500 euros in much needed funds. This money will enable Nandri to feed an additional 128 families this month.

The extra financial aid has helped us greatly to expand our aid operations throughout the area. Nandri in collaboration with generous sponsorship from I – PAC Consulting Ltd., distributed 1000 parcels of food in four locations in Vellore. We will be continuing to distribute this vital aid for 20 days. These parcels are being given to people who are destitute – daily wage earners, migrant workers and homeless people, with no where to turn for help.

Again, thanks to the Generosity of I – PAC., our volunteers distributed food aid to people in Kakithapattarai, Vellore. Normally they make a meagre living from working as roadside vendors, bullock cart drivers and building workers. During the lockdown they have no money and no food and without our support they would be starving. Nandri also sent 300 kgs of rice to the village of Kasthambadi. The villagers were struggling to survive and were very grateful to receive this vital aid.

Since 2012 Nandri has provided micro finance loans to 3000 mothers, enabling them to buy a cow and start their own micro business selling the milk the cow produces. These loans literally change the families lives, giving them income, independence and their children an education and a future. During the COVID19 pandemic, their cows have been an enormous benefit. It has provided a source of food for them and their families during this very difficult time.

Nandri has substantially increased its aid to the needy people of Tamil Nadu in the past week, thanks to our supporters and donors who have given so generously. On behalf of everyone in Nandri we would like to express our very grateful thanks for helping us to help our people survive this dreadful pandemic. From the bottom of our hearts, a big nandri to you all.

If you would like to contribute to Nandri’s ongoing COVID19 relief fund, please donate here:

A 3rd level degree for Jayaseelan

Jayaseelan and his two brothers lost their mother when they were very young. Their father, Royappan, did his best to care for his three sons while earning a meager wage.  He joined one of the Nandri mothers groups as the only male, in order to get the support he needed to bring up his sons. Tragically the boys father died leaving the three children orphaned and penniless.  

Nandri stepped in and supported the brothers in their education.  Jayaseelan was always an excellent student and continued on to 3rd level college with the help of a loan from Nandri.  He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer applications and now works as a software developer in Chennai. He is earning a good wage and supporting his younger brother to complete his schooling. 

Without the constant support of Nandri through out the years, these boys would have had no chance to escape a life of abject poverty.  Jayaseelan and his brothers have a promising future ahead of them, all thanks to the support of their Nandri family.