No Helmets 

Probably less than one in 100 motorcycle riders or passengers in rural India wear a crash helmet . In India a motorcycle is referred to as a two wheeler. 🙂

Above is a photograph of a father with his 10-year-old son hanging onto the fathers belt in order to ensure the two sacks of flour or rice don’t fall off the back.

It’s a very familiar sight to see a father with a three or four-year-old in front of him and the mother sitting side saddle with a six or eight month old child. There seems to be total disregard for safety.

2015-09-23 15.26.18India has 1% of the world’s cars but 6% of the world’s road deaths. It’s evidently illegal not to wear a crash helmet but it seems the law is ignored.

Our staff use motor cycles to visit villages and I made it quite clear to them that they must use a crash helmet.