News on Mothers Group – Social awareness work/cleaning work

clean water with mothersRecently, Oct 2014,  the Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi suggested a clean India campaign. One of our mothers groups got started in their area as the following photographs which show.

This is an another interesting story that Nandri is doing that it not only financially supports mothers but also give social awareness that they should keep the surrounding neat and clean.

On September 30th, 2014, one of the mothers group namely “Arul Irakkam” – meaning ‘God’s grace’ came forward to clean a school water tank that was shabby and unclean for a couple of months. When it was known to the group along with the field worker, they planned and did the cleaning work so that the local school children may drink water. It was a good examplary work that they have done.

dirty water tank cleaning water tank