A 3rd level degree for Jayaseelan

Jayaseelan and his two brothers lost their mother when they were very young. Their father, Royappan, did his best to care for his three sons while earning a meager wage.  He joined one of the Nandri mothers groups as the only male, in order to get the support he needed to bring up his sons. Tragically the boys father died leaving the three children orphaned and penniless.  

Nandri stepped in and supported the brothers in their education.  Jayaseelan was always an excellent student and continued on to 3rd level college with the help of a loan from Nandri.  He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer applications and now works as a software developer in Chennai. He is earning a good wage and supporting his younger brother to complete his schooling. 

Without the constant support of Nandri through out the years, these boys would have had no chance to escape a life of abject poverty.  Jayaseelan and his brothers have a promising future ahead of them, all thanks to the support of their Nandri family.