No Water, No World

This years Annual Mothers Conference was a tremendous success, with over 5000 mothers joining the Directors of Nandri from Ireland to celebrate the mothers achievements in the past year and to look towards what the future holds for Nandri.

And we are off! Toria from Ireland waves the starting flag for the procession

The Theme of this years conference was “No Water, No World”. Nandri appreciates the importance of nurturing our environment for the good of present and future generations. Many of our new projects, such as Tree planting, will embrace this philosophy and through these initiatives we will educate our mothers and in turn their children on the importance of caring for our world

Some of the 5000 mothers marching to the conference

Many special awards were presented to celebrate individual achievements and afterwards the mothers were entertained with songs and dances by local performing groups. The conference is a great opportunity for the mothers to network and learn what other activities various mothers groups are engaged in. The mothers thoroughly enjoyed the day and left with feelings of happiness and pride to be a part of the Nandri family.

Nandri’s Mothers convention

Our Convention for approximately five thousand Nandri Mothers will take place on 25th January. The theme of this years event is “No Water No World”. Nandri is working to build awareness of climate change amongst our mothers and are implementing environmentally friendly projects in our groups, such as planting trees.

The Nandri Convention is a wonderful opportunity for our mothers to get together and share experiences, network and receive awards for their achievements in the past year.

Celebration of love and Sharing

Just before Christmas, we had a Celebration of Love and Sharing in the lovely rural village of Sivaji Nagar. In this village we have 600 mothers who are part of our Nandri community. They are very enthusiastic and highly motivated members of our organization. They are delighted to be a part of Nandri and they and their families have benefited in many ways.

The mothers were thrilled to be a part of this happy celebration and so grateful to Nandri for bringing such positive changes to all their lives.

Green lake movement

On Children’s Day we started a special project called Green Lake Movement. Each Nandri child planted two trees on the banks of the lake at Indiravanam village. These trees will be nurtured by the children under our guidance. Children who are part of this movement will be given educational support and motivational training and learn the importance of looking after our environment for future generations. They will become leaders of our new initiative to make our lakes more green.

Nandri gives loans to Sri Lankan mothers

In October, Nandri distributed ₹270000 to nine impoverished mothers living in a Sri Lankan refugee camp at Abdullapuram, Vellore.

These loans will help the mothers to start a small business and generate income so they can keep their children in education.  Nandri has transformed the future for these deserving families.

Visit by UCDVO students from Ireland

Month of June was a special month in the history of Nandri. The presence and various activities done by the UCDVO from Ireland was the highlight of the month. Through the media, Nandri’s name has become more popular and lots of appreciation from the well wishers really makes Nandri to feel proud of its activities. It is a boost for Nandri to continue its selfless services to the community.

  1. Cultural Exchange Visit by UCDVO students from Ireland
    The long waited dream of visiting the students from Ireland has come true on 8th June. The one month cultural exchange visit of UCDVO students along with Nandri Nimh (Person responsible for Social media) from June 8th to July 6th was a memorable event In the life of Nandri. The students were warmly welcomed by the Nandri staff on 8th June in a traditional Indian way. This group of students were supported by some student volunteers from Tiruvannamalai district who were supported by Nandri in perusing their higher studies.
    The following four major activities carried out by the UCDVO students.
    a) Renovation of Government Primary School at Indiravanam village
    b) Starting of Home Work Clubs in the villages
    c) Strengthening of Nandri’s Mothers Groups
    d) Exposure to organic garden.

Training of the leaders of the mother’s groups

  1. TThe second phase of training to the leaders of the mothers’ groups was conducted at Kasthampadi village on 14th September. Twenty mothers from14 groups attended the training. The purpose of the training was to motivate the members to follow the system and the procedures evolved by Nandri for its effective functioning. The training was facilitated by Joe and Jerald. The training was mainly focusing on maintaining the account notebook and the individual passbooks. All the formats applying for various financial assistance was clearly explained to them.  The members actively participated in the training and they clarified all their doubts in filling the formats. The Chairman urged all the members to create an enabling environment for the overall development of the children.

Mothers’ Training at Kasthampadi Village

Status of Home work Clubs

Home work clubs were started by the UCDVO students during their stay last month. The interest shown by the UCDVO students was amazing and as result, we could see that the home work clubs are still very much active. Sr. Deepika was appointed as a Coordinator for these Home Work Clubs and she is visiting the centres along with   Mr. Jerald and encouraging the children. We can see that the children are repeating the songs and the games taught by the UCDVO students.

Name of the centre Total no. of children
Indiravanam 60
Samathuvapurum 44
Gangapurum 46
Kollapallur 42
New Colony 15
         Children from Home work club at Kollappalur

Nandri supports Kamatchi through Teaching College

Kamatchi and her family live in Udayarkuppam Village. Her two sisters are mentally handicapped and her mother was the sole breadwinner for the family. Following an accident, She was no longer able to work and support them. The family were left in desperate poverty without enough money for food. Kamatchi saw that the only way she could help her family was to continue her education and get a degree and a well payed job. Her ambition was to become a teacher but with no money to go to college or even feed her family, her situation looked hopeless.

Nandri heard of the family’s plight and with their help the poverty stricken family were rehoused to provide suitable accommodation for their special need children. Nandri also organised the finance for Kamatchi’s college course. She is well on her way to becoming an excellent teacher and is so grateful for the help that Nandri has given her and her family. They now have hope for a bright future thanks to Nandri and the generosity of our donors.