On 23rd April, India recorded 681 deaths and 21,393 confirmed cases of COVID19.  Tamil Nadu where Nandri is situated, had 18 deaths attributed to the virus. The strict lockdown has been very difficult for our poor rural families but it has been successful in lowering the spread of the disease.  

This week Joe, our CEO in India, delivered Nandri‚Äôs financial aid package for the COVID19 crisis to the leader of each of our mothers groups. Our mothers groups are a very important part of the structure of Nandri.  There are 4721 mothers in 268 groups, each one headed up by a leader. Each group has between 15 – 20 members. A mother may decide to set up a group herself and become the leader or a leader is nominated by the other women in a mothers group.  It is looked upon as a very important and responsible position in their villages.

WIth the finance that Nandri has provided to each of our leaders, they will make sure that each mother in their group has enough money to eat and buy the necessities for them and their families.  As he visited all the villages, Joe took the opportunity to remind the leaders of their roles in educating their mothers’ group on maintaining social distance and handwashing.

Each of our leaders have risen to the challenge of mentoring their group through the pandemic, as well as monitoring the mothers financial well being in this very difficult time.  The mothers know that their leader is always there, as a representative of the Nandri Family, to help and guide them through this very challenging crisis.