Mother benefits from micro-finance

sewing 2Mrs Thilagavathi is one of our 1500 mothers, who meet every month in our 100+ self-help groups. She has a son who is being educated thorough the child sponsorship programme. Two years ago it was very difficult for her to maintain her family and to keep her son in education.

Now things are changed with the help of NANDRI. What was NANDRI’S role?

In 2013, she joined a mothers self group. Although she was in dire situation, she had the talent to stitch and sew . From the mothers group she received Rs. 5,000/- (€75) as group loan and bought two tailing machines “second hand”. she started her business to earn money.

Later she got a micro finance loan from NANDRI, Rs. 20,000/- (€250) and bought two more machines to sustain her life. Now it was a great success after her hard work. Per month she is able to generate easily Rs. 4500/- to 5500/- through her work.

She is able to pay rent for the shop Rs. 2000/- and repaying the loan Rs. 1000/- and also managing to get provision for her food and lastly sustaining the child in education.

sewing1Also she is teaching 10 poor children and through which she gets around Rs. 1000/- which is also useful to her savings. Above all she has the interest and determination to teach tailoring to poor children freely. Hence she has asked the field workers to bring the children so that the children will be taught. She is really proud to be part of the NANDRI family and grateful to her sponsors.



The sewing machine is putting food on the table


Angelammal has two children namely Santhosh Verma studying 9th Standard and Akash in 4th standard. Santhosh is in Children sponsorship programme . Their father wdalit, microfinanceho was a coolie, (a daily labourer), died three years ago. Thereafter Mrs Angelammal settled in her mother’s house without any job. And the life became very difficult for her without the basic necessities to look after her two beloved children.


At that time we supported her through micro-finance income generation Loan with Cheque of Rs.20,000/- to buy a sewing machine. With this sewing machine she had repaid her loan and now she is maintaining her family.

To add to her dismay, three months ago, her brother banished mrs Angelammal from the mother’s house where she was staying with her brother due to a small quarrel. And now she lives in a rented house.Widows have a very difficult time in India. In many cases where a mother and her children are living with the father’s family and if he dies, they can be removed from the house.


She earns through this tailoring machine around Rs.3000/- and when there is village festival or other auspicious days such as “Diwali” – ‘festival of light’ she may earn Rs. 3,000/- to Rs. 6,000/- exceptionally and thus the amount she gets from the sewing machine, she pays her house rent Rs. 1,000/- and Rs. 2,000/- for provision, food and other expenses. And now she thanks NANDRI whole heartily for its support.

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Goats can earn an income for a family

mother with goat

This week we have a life story sharing by Mrs Irudhayamary. She has her own reasons to thank the sponsors both in Nandri, Ireland and CAT, Polur.

Mrs Irudhayamary migrated from a small village called Irudaiyampattil in search of employment and settled in Irudhayapuram. When she came to Irudhayapuram hardly had she known anybody and so nobody came forward to help her. Life was terrible for her. At this time, it is CAT which rescued her by sponsoring her son to educate in the second level education. It reduced one of the biggest burdens of hers.

Secondly and more concretely, CAT had given a micro-finance income generating loan to buy three goats in 2013. It had become their property and saviours. Later on, once the goats multiplied, she started to get income from them. For example, once the goats kids grew up, they can sell it around Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 2500/- and thus the goats supported them.  Therefore, for Irudhayamary, at least per year, she could earn Rs.20, 000 (€300). This would be great help for her to sustain the family. Now she is happy that she owns around 10 goats and gets some income from them.