2 maths grads will work in the fields.


Life ain’t easy for 2 sisters who did a maths degree. As they could not afford to pay 3rd year fees of Rs.14,000 (approx €180) each plus Rs.8,000 transport each the college won’t give them their certificates so they will work in the fields to pay the fees and then they need Rs. 50,000 each to do post grad to become teachers.

Their mother had received an income generation loan from us last year. She used the money to purchase a grinding machine. She grinds rice to make rice flour etc. She grinds rice for other people and also for herself and then with her own rice she makes a local rice product called idle, like a small pancake. The husband is a carpenter and earns relatively good money but he works in one of the cities and rarely sends money home.

We will assist them next year with our third level loan programme to ensure they complete their education and achieve their full potential.

I met the two girls today and have a
photograph which I will send to the sponsor of one of them but for privacy reasons I’m not showing it here.