“I need to sell one of my 18 month old twins”


Six months ago I wrote that a mother who had just joined a mother’s self-help group announced that she needed to sell one of her twins as she could not afford to feed them and her other two children. Through our help and support we managed to convince her not to do so.

Today I met her with the twins and everybody is very happy.

We went to school in a slum area in the local city. During a visit the children were eating their lunch. I saw one child of about five walking from the school with her dinner plate partly eaten. She was evidently bringing the food home for her mother.

We visited a small village this evening with a local mayor. He had arranged for solar based electricity lighting in this small village where they’re often without electricity for three or four hours in the evening. This good man also supports the education of 60 children. We passed by one home where one teenager said she could not do her homework as her bottle of ink had run dry. The cost is about €.15.

We take for granted being able to keep our children, having enough food and having electricity and biros. Many of our client families don’t have this luxury.

Thank you to our sponsors because without you I would not be here and experiencing some of the good stories and the way we are able to change peoples lives forever.